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Interbase 2017 disponível

InterBase 2017 New Features

A highlighted summary of InterBase 2017 new featuresincludes.
Interactive SQL (isql) updates including new reconnect command for use in isql and SQL scripts to reconnect to the latest successfully connected database. New –names command line option of the form –names <character set name>, to specify the character set to use for the current database connection. Exclusive Isolation Level which allows transactions to acquire an exclusive lock on a target table, and be the only ones able to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE on a table. SQL Derived Table Support (more detail later in the article) Truncate Table command which allows the users and applications to empty the contents of a database table. This feature is useful for tables where rows require frequent deletion. The Truncate Table command performs faster, requires less I/O, and journals and archives much less information than an equivalent DELETE FROM table command. Transaction Wait Time specifies a period of time transactions wait for acquiring lockable resources. Single Line Comment which allows for adding a comment line of this form – – This is a comment line to an SQL statement.
Beyond these new features, there are two other upgrades including the fixing of known bugs and defects plus making the first sweep of a restored database a fast sweep so that any database that you restore is immediately marked as swept. Thus, the first sweep of that database is a fast sweep. There are some prerequisites to be taken care of to make use of this feature. You must perform a database restore with InterBase 2017 using either on–disk structure (ODS) 15 or ODS 16.
The details for each new feature and upgrades are available at this link.

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